High Profile Cases

Extensive experience

L.R. Johnson & Associates, Inc. has extensive experience handling high-profile and celebrity clients and their spouses and partners. We have represented numerous entertainers, athletes, actors, musicians, public figures, and high net worth individuals. We understand and provide customized solutions for the unique challenges and circumstances surrounding such cases.

Particular concerns of high profile clients

Aside from the common difficulties inherent in divorce and potential risk of kidnapping children of well known families, these individuals often have additional complications in their particular situations. These concerns may range from properly structuring their corporations to tax minimization strategies using life insurance in their estate plan. For the athlete who travels much of the year, to the financial arrangements of entertainers who receive lump sum payments;  it is important to discuss making the first large check turn into lifelong income that will provide for them long after the media lights go out.

Team approach

Many of our clients, famous or not, are used to, expect, and deserve prompt service and a quick reply from their trusted advisor to answer any questions or concerns. For this reason, we often "team up" on cases so that every client will have at least two agents and a internal case manager assigned to their case. By doing this, there is a much better chance that when the client calls, emails, or texts us, someone who is intimately familiar with the case will be available to immediately respond. Also, by choosing to accept fewer cases than many other firms, our advisors are not stretched to their limit and can better recall the facts of their clients' cases. Obviously there are times when both (or all three or four) agents working on a case are unavailable for an immediate response (they may be sitting with clients or providing financial education workshops in the community) and in that case, the internal case manager, or another firm representative will always be willing to step in to "pinch hit" until one of the agents on the case can reply, usually later in the evening.

Working with trusted advisors

We frequently work with or through lawyers, CPA’s, financial advisors, personal assistants, publicists or other representatives of high profile clients, but ultimately, we prefer to know our clients very well, their concerns, and to understand their goals completely. Each case is different. Each individual has different and unique objectives, questions and desires, and it is our job to achieve the goals that the client sets, not the goals we as agents think they want. Of course, it is also our job to explain how the insurance strategies used in the concept works, what goals are more easily achieved, and the process for achieving them.

Embracing the challenge

Representing anyone’s financial matters can be both challenging and rewarding. Representing "high profile" individuals can be twice as challenging and twice as rewarding. We embrace each new challenge and look forward to helping prepare for unexpected “lights out moments” by completing your financial plans with insurance solutions.